About Us

Who or what is ‘Experience Destination’ I hear you ask?

A handpicked selection of unique experiences, just the way you like it. No, we aren’t another travel agency that is looking at just inspiring you to visit yet another destination. But, we are a bunch of explorers who strongly believe that travel is going beyond destinations. We love travelling and we know you love it too. If travel means slowing down, exploring and living the destination, this is absolutely the right pitstop. If travel means learning an unknown language, a new cuisine, a different culture, developing a new faith. If travel means getting out of the mire of daily life to appreciate the sight of what is around and if it is more than just the traditional mountain, sun, sea and sand holidays, you have found someone as wild and free to run with you.

A demanding job. A breakup. A holiday. Another holiday. Or just another excuse. Or just to be as cool as the heroine in Eat, Pray, Love (or any other travel memoir) we have always found ourselves a reason to leave home to explore the wild (with YOLO in the mind). Wearing the explorer’s hat and heading for the ofbeat, easy access to social media, budget-travel tools, little data on the backgrounds of explorers and research helped us explore the known and sometimes the unknown.

We are a bunch of explorers who strongly believe that travel is going beyond destinations

Be it a remote place or a place that has a zillion pictures on Google, a local homestay or a boutique stay, a long backpacking trip or a short weekend jaunt, we are here to encourage you to get transported. And one thing we bet on! Experience –  the vibe, the people, the location and the most important, the story. You are bound to experience something very beautiful!

Right now we are exploring North East India, just to curate the best experiences so that you can have an unforgettable experience with zero planning. Insurgencies, unrest and suspicion has always kept this part of the country away from the travelers’ map. For once, come and lose yourself in the magic.