Who are we?

In a brief sense we are tour planners and operators specializing in Northeast India.
In a deeper sense, we are a bunch of North-Easterns trying to fill the gap between urban communities and communities from unheard, unexplored places by providing first hand authentic information and curating experience rich travel itineraries that also provide opportunities for deep rooted cultural exchange and encourage more impactful traveling.

Insurgencies, unrest, suspicion and misinformation have always kept this part of the country away from the travelers’ map. For once, come and lose yourself in the magic

Why choose us?

Being an enthusiastic and frequent traveler ourselves, we understand the needs and expectations of travelers; a blend of famous places and local secrets, a careful balance of adventurous activities and leisure time, lip smacking food from the best local places and authentic real experiences.


Immersive travel: Our journeys and experiences are much more than just getting from point A to point B. It’s not about seeing the destination but living it. It’s about finding jaw dropping views, the best of nature’s creation. It’s about living, laughing and learning with locals representing some of the rarest and unique cultures. Some journeys are about conquering mountains, some about rejuvenating in a boutique property amidst nature. Some about relishing local dishes in the street and some about sourcing local ingredients and cooking them. Our journeys are about rewarding all human senses and realizing their full potential. About experiences that will stay with you.


Local Trip leaders: What better way to experience a place with someone who grew up there. Someone who knows, understands and loves the place. Someone who can take us to hidden spots, to that unsung cafe, tell us local stories. You know, like someone who can introduce us to our favorite band backstage.


Right group Size: Group traveling is a perfect opportunity to meet more people from different backgrounds who share the love of traveling. Great opportunity to forge friendships and meaningful bonds. But good experiences can become great when group time is perfectly balanced with alone time.


First Hand Experiences: Every experience we recommend and curate is first hand experienced by us. Our team of explorers recce every aspect of a destination and handpick some of the best experiences for you based on your interests and preferences.


Responsible Traveling: We believe in coexistence and want to experience all forms of life as it is without disturbing them in any way that will change their natural behaviour in the short or long term. We don’t want to bother anything. We believe life will only truly thrive if we realise that we are a part of the ecosystem and are taking everything we have from the system. We don’t claim to be perfect. We, like everyone else, learn new things everyday. But rest assured we will conduct our operations in the most responsible manner. We strive for the betterment of communities we work with, for the betterment of the forests and fauna in the region.


24*7 assistance during an ongoing trip: Our team of customer support, local guides and hosts will be there to help and assist you round the clock during the trip. We assure you won’t have to spend time or energy dialing random numbers in IVR.

Easy and flexible in booking and payments: Hassle free guided booking process.

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